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Exhibitions and joint process together with Finnish photografer Tina Jokitalo

Part of the Spatial Tide project will be exhibited in Gallery Koppelo in May, 2014 (Tampere, Finland). Me and Finnish visual artist Kanerva Niemelä, are exploring the theme through our own work with different medias. The exhibition called Spatial Tide, will be our first joint exhibition and we have divided the process into three parts; the second part of the process will be in August: we are participating in a group exhibition with more work on the same subject.  At the moment we are also looking for a gallery, where we may exhibit the final stage of this process in a larger scale.

Statement - September 2012

Art view

A piece of art can be made so different ways. I hope that we have possibility to make art deeply without boundaries in the future and now. It is and It have to be individual´s or group´s profound need. After that there is no matter where you see art, more important is that you see it really. Then you see its effectivity. I hope that streets and galleries are places to people go, enjoy, laugh, wonder and make world to better place.

Statement - January 2012

Female Capercaillie in love

In my painting a lonely female capercaillie stands in the woodland. In fact, she is in love and she is watching the struggle between two male capercaillies, but the mighty men are just not visible for our eyes. Why in love? - well, why else bother to follow the fight between men... She is probably concerned about her fianceś doings. By interpreting a different view, painting the scenario outside the work of another artists´ work, I have been considering the choices, that the artist himself made: brush strokes, angles, design, color choices, etc. This work; ‘Female Capercaillie in love’, is my interpretation of the Finnish art history’s maybe most known and also most copied work: ‘Fighting Capercaillies’ where a lonely female is actually standing in the corner of the forest, whom we most likely never should have taken into account at all.

Kanerva Niemelä - the artist of the month: January 2012, at the Gallery Koppelo

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