perjantai 30. joulukuuta 2011

Statement - In English

In my painting a lonely female capercaillie stands in the woodland. In fact, she is in love and she is watching the struggle between two male capercaillies, but the mighty men are just not visible for our eyes. Why in love? - well, why else bother to follow the fight between men... She is probably concerned about her fianceś doings.  By interpreting a different view, painting the scenario outside the work of another artists´ work,  I have been considering the choices, that the artist himself made: brush strokes, angles, design, color choices, etc. This work; ‘Female Capercaillie  in love’, is my interpretation of the Finnish art history’s maybe most known and also most copied work: ‘Fighting Capercaillies’ where a lonely  female is actually standing in the corner of the forest,  whom we most likely never should have taken into account at all.
Kanerva Niemelä - the artist of the month: January 2012, at the Gallery Koppelo

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